Meeting Minutes - 01/30/2012

Volunteer Meeting on Jan 30, 2012:

  • Fill out the Study Abroad application; the sooner the better.
  • Handed out documents:
    • BES Leadership directory
    • Fundraising letter / template  (attached)
    • Important dates for volunteers sheet
  • Will email:
    • "How to put on a silent auction" by Jackie Bohn  (attached as 'Instructions for Silent Auction)  
    • Bonus attachment:  "Grassroots Gets Classy" - the flyer / article from last years event which raised $5,400.  (attached)
    • Laura Hempker will be presenting about what a First Responder is.  (details to follow)
  • ASUU Bill:
    • Jackie's proposal and presentation.  
    • We need 8 to 10 volunteers to come show support on February 7th and 21st at 7pm at the Union building.  
  • Fundraising:
    • Totaled $435 at the TTV event!
    • Funds to date:  $3,000
    • Next checkpoint goal:  $5,000 by March 1.  Final goal:  $20,000
    • Each volunteer should raise $1,000.  The very minimum fundraising amount for volunteers is $250. 
  • Tabling opportunity:  Crimson Nights.  Feb 24 from 9 to 11pm.
    • 8 tips for fundraising handout  (attached)  
    • Motivators for Donating handout  (attached)  
    • We did a fun role-play exercise where we learned about different ways to appeal to the main motivators for donating
    • Motivators:  involvement, obligation, guilt, religious upbringing, euphoria, opportunity, urgency, the season, incentive, social pressure, compassion.
  • Silent Auction
    • Needs to arrange drinks, food, a band, speakers, items for bidding.
  • Macy's St. Patrick's Day Grand Opening
    • Selling Tickets:  Volunteers' personal selling goals.  
    • Lisa will email the volunteers a sales reporting form Google Doc.  (You got this email TODAY already)
      • We must keep track of ticket sales to report them.
      • We should have the contact information of people who buy tickets in order to remind them later to GO to Macy's.  
    • Performance and tabling at the event:  face painting, singing, Jazz dancers.
  • Flyers
    • 1/4 sheets detailing who / what / how of BES.  And "How can you make a difference?"  donate invitation.
    • Big flyers / signs.  
Spanish Word of the Day was afrontar (v) To confront or to face.  

Next Volunteer Meeting is on Monday, 2/13/12 at the regular time and place; Student Union Parlor B, Mezzanine Floor from 7:30 - 9pm.  
  • Volunteers must report their ticket sales
  • Report on fundraising experiences
  • Jackie will take some time to talk about the Silent Auction and how to approach local businesses for donating items or cash.  

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