2011 Volunteer Trip

The pictures from our 2011 trip to El Salvador are up on the blog as well as our Facebook page. You can access the Facebook photo album without signing in to Facebook by clicking HERE. We had an amazing fundraising year in 2011! We made just over $12,000 that we translated in to over $20,000 worth of supplies with the help of our community partners. We took down 8 new volunteers this year, which included our two instructors for the First Responder Course we led in El Zonte. The remaining 5 volunteers were the four Team Leaders (Jackie, Daryl, Lisa, and Greg) and the Director of BES (Noah) who had all made the trip before. The trip went well in the clinics as well as in the communities. One of our main goals at BES is to foster cultural exchange and dialogue, so that we can learn from our friends and colleagues in El Salvador, as well as share new things with them. This year also provided exciting new opportunities for BES expansion in the coming years. The Director was able to travel to several new clinics this year to assess the needs of the clinics, as well as their willingness to work with BES. Next year, we will also be donating supplies to the clinics in La Libertad and Chiltiupan in the department of La Libertad, El Salvador. We are very excited about expanding our efforts! As a result of this expansion, however, Benefit El Salvador is attempting to raise $20,000 this year! Due to some partnerships in Utah, we have managed to raise close to $1,500 so far. Keep checking back on the blog for more updates and news. 

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