Meeting #2 update - 2/14/2011

1) Personal Fundraising: $225 goal.  To help everyone achieve it, utilize the new donation letter our students writers drafted up for us! It will be available on the blog/facebook page by this coming weekend. 

2) Our student writers are also looking to interview a few of our volunteers in the next week or two.  They will use the interviews to pen an article about BES.   

3) Tabling schedule is available and we’re looking for volunteers!  Greg and Nick will be posting up outside in the Union Plaza on Wednesdays from 10:45am-3pm.  They’ll be signing up new volunteers, collecting donations, selling raffle tickets and promoting our upcoming silent auction.We need a pair of volunteers to set up shop on upper-campus near the hospital and research buildings to target our audience of soon to be nurses, doctors, and pharmacists - anyone interested? Please email harpernoah@yahoo.com or parker.plant@gmail.com!

4) Some volunteers will be making classroom announcements in the next couple of weeks in hopes of growing our membership as a student group and to bring in more volunteers!  The more students that register as members of our group, the more likely we are to get financial backing from our student government.  Log on and add yourself as a member here: https://utah-community.symplicity.com/index.php?s=home   While you’re at it, take a couple more minutes and find our new facebook page.  Just search Benefit El Salvador and “like” us :) 

5) Greg’s been working on some cool T-shirt Designs. Once we finalize the design, we’ll be taking preorders at $10 for a shirt. The shirts will be $15 after the pre sale.  Keri’s friend (a graphic designer) is helping with the design.

6) We have secured our silent auction venue: the 15th and 15th Art Gallery.  It’s a beautiful place! Jackie will have the date, time and rough outline of the event schedule by the end of this week.  We’re also in need of a volunteer who is licensed to bartend for the event.  We’ll be serving beer and wine along with non-alcoholic beverages- any bartenders out there that are interested in helping out for an evening?

7) There was a lot of discussion about splitting the raffle and the silent auction into two events and it looks like we’re leaning in that direction.  The auction will definitely be held early April, while we will likely have the raffle as an end of the semester party.  Greg is looking into secure The Front climbing gym as our venue.  Let's get a dialogue going about this decision: Post a comment here on the blog or here (on our facebook page) with your thoughts!

As always email or post any questions or comments!

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