Hello everyone and welcome to the Benefit El Salvador blog! Visit this page often for photos and information about our fundraising progress. We'll also post information on upcoming events. I also hope to post get-to-know-you profiles on the members of our executive board, which should be fun!

Let's get started....
The Benefit El Salvador Project is an ongoing fundraising effort aimed at supplying rural public health clinics in El Salvador with needed medical equipment and resources. Clinics lack the medical equipment and supplies essential for adequate treatment. Addressing and alleviating this problem is our main goal. The Benefit El Salvador Project is operated and staffed exclusively by a dedicated team of volunteers and all funds and contributions go directly to the purchase and transport of medical supplies and resources. We are excited to get things going this year and reach our fundraising goal of $10,000 before our group of International Volunteers travels to El Salvador later this Summer. Visit our website (http://www.benefitelsalvador.com/) for more information or find our page on Facebook!

Lisa Naujoks - Staff Writer

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